It's just a humiliation. Fortunately, no one dares to question the strength of the military alli But the heart secretly decided that if the situation is not good, immediately run away. When he found Huo Yuhao through spirit detection, he had already felt the strength of his strength. Yunfeng's attack and kill Rune "heaven and earth FA Xiang" was quickly activated. There are two exotic treasures, but their power is not as good as those of the crocodile strangler k Yang Kai didn't look at him, but looked up solemnly, with a sneer in his mouth: "ginger is reall From Huo Wuji's point of view, ye Yaoyao and ye Yiming came from the xuanjie or other secret wor Qi Tian ape wanted to shorten the time, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by th "We want to fight with the emperor. We don't want to be flowers in the greenhouse!" "Chi Wuxiu, Aoyu is not seriously injured. Are you too hard on Qingyao fairy?" Now the enemy has been invincible, and the fate of their own and others is self-evident. "Ha ha, I didn't think that I could meet such things when I came to celebrate my birthday." The two officers were dead under the arrows. All the female disciples of Yinsha Valley gathered from all directions and looked at this side in su Hearing this, Chen said, "really? The women of those families also come to ask for children?" At this moment, ye Yiming finally did not hold back and began to laugh. When Shengzong passed away, his life was handed down to Zongzhen, the eldest son. However, the empre Then the rest of the bow was hurled down towards the ground in the thick smoke.

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