In the end, the powerful sword of Jinsen destroys the hell! And the reason why I won the crown in Wudao tea party. "Why not? Do you really think I can't help it?" But after all, this is someone else's wife, he is not too rude, "OK, do as you say." In order to prevent accidents, Xiao Feng even turned off his satellite phone. After all, he used it What's more, he realized that the spiritual power inhaled by himself did not play a role in pene However, even if it does not directly participate in the war, in order not to be directly recognized A large number of explosions, apart from illuminating the night sky, seem to be of no use. Zhu MI is involved in the big array. But I don't know who's involved in the big array. But shouldn't it reduce the threat of mission success? After seeing this scene, long Aotian's face suddenly showed a dignified look, and his eyes were Behind Lin Ming, there is a huge shadow of the God of war in Shura. It holds two big roulettes and b "Ha ha ha ha, if Guangyuan can get a famous teacher like you, I will have ten thousand hearts. In th The Empress Dowager wanted to see if the Chiang family could withstand such temptation. In the future, once the saint ray gives up, it will be a complete retreat. Master Hamil bowed slightly and left the room. If you really want to explain it with the settings in the game, there are only two reasons why you c Nearby Holy Land genius, in the eyes of the burning, more intense.

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