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He's nothing. He can clean her up with a wave. So, big black dog accosted a smile, and then turned around and disappeared in place. After cleaning the battlefield, Li ruobai retreated with the transport ship and the spoils, and then Song Weimin has sent a message to song Zhimin in advance. The leader of the second red training team sneered and the spirit of the world appeared in his hands All in all, it is a relatively monotonous "solid color.". () the Fengjia and gujia are not in the same pattern. If Gu Qiancheng had not saved Feng Sijin, Gu&# Although Du Fu and Lin Lang were happy, they also felt very heavy pressure. For any other practitioner, he must die of violence in the next moment and turn into countless piece "Lord Morin, I believe you! If you like, I can make all the clansmen become the empty Knights you wa Since his nickname is "Phantom Assassin", his lightness skill must be good, and it is true. Yuecheng Ying knows that no matter how he explains, Tang Yu is afraid that he will not listen to his These scattered thunder, in the fall, is the initiative to change the direction, and then into some Chabo sighed: "I didn't expect that he really became a King Kong hand of Buddha...!" Only more troops are expected to lose contact. There is only one target, and that is the city of UChA in the middle of the Zerg occupied area. Another air cavalry unit of the royal family, the "ascending dragon" army has successfully trained 4 Without a sneer, "this is just a wisp of your divine consciousness. What about your noumenon? What a

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